Show Tech 2009
A great success


Ahlers and Lambrecht used this as the catchphrase at the "Show Tech" (16-18th June) in Berlin 2009. The intention behind the idea was to present the new, clear and compact sales catalog from A+L. The new catalog includes all the information and prices for theatre and stage building.

Managing director Christoph Ahlers said:"This includes everything for theatres and stages, something like this has not existed before not even from our competitors". We have invested a great amount of effort to offer our customers a professional catalog.

The visitors were impressed with clear structure and presentation on our show booth. If you didn’t have the time to travel to Berlin, you can request the catalog for free or download it as a PDF file on our website.

We are looking forward to your call or mail!
Christoph Ahlers

Catalog download

Download Ahlers und Lambrecht Catalog (PDF / de / 2.3MB)
Download Ahlers und Lambrecht Catalog (PDF / en / 2.3MB)